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how to make conference call in moto g5 plus

Read more: Moto G5 Plus phone: full, in-depth review In bright light, the U Play managed good exposure with detail being kept in light and dark areas (thanks to the decent HDR). The selfie camera also utilises 16-megapixels but can be set to a reduced-resolution, low-light (called ‘Ultrapixel’) mode if … ... More

how to clean dust off velvet

How to clean velvet curtains. Velvet curtains has always been luxurious part of home and offices and can be bought in many sizes and colors from many stores online like Amazon, Wayfair or HPD . ... More

how to connect sennheiser game zero to xbox one

Sennheiser G4ME ZERO vs G4ME ONE – The Best All-Around Sennheiser Gaming Headsets Hello and welcome to a review of what I believe to be the top two gaming headsets in terms of all-round available features AND affordability. ... More

how to download in ubuntu server

Download Ubuntu 15.04 server from here. and create a bootable medium. Boot your server with Ubuntu 15.04 media. Boot your server with Ubuntu 15.04 media. Select language. ... More

how to become flexible in one day

Keep up with the same thing as week one, but now stretching time is increased to 45 minutes a day. That means there is now a session in betweensession 1.5 should be done after school, work, etc. And if not, leave 2 hours in between sessions. You should ... More

how to cook sweet potato chips healthy

1/05/2017 · Healthy Homemade Sweet Potato Chips . Sometimes, you just can’t beat a crunchy, salty snack. Problem is, these aren’t always the best types of foods to be … ... More

how to download video from google drive mac

Redesigned VLC Gets Google Drive & Dropbox Integration. By Killian Bell • 7:57 am, January 20, 2014. News; VLC, a popular third-party video player for iOS, today received a major update that ... More

how to draw 3d elevations of a house

16/11/2011 · Re: newbie needs to draw house plans and elevations for plan by bob-designer » Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:03 am Many of the plan requirements might be handeled with general notes placed on … ... More

how to clear cache firefox mac

... More

razer deathstalker how to trackpad change logo

Step 1: Plug the Razer Deathstalker Ultimate into the two USB ports of your computer. Step 2: Download the Razer Synapse 2.0 installer from Step 3: Run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions. ... More

how to clean a car bra

I had a clear bra on my last car, and I would use tar and bug remover to remove the bugs so that I wouldn't have to scrub. Sorry to hear about the blemish -- worst case scenario is that you pay ~$350 to have a new clear bra installed if the car must be in pristine condition. ... More

how to change public to private network windows 10

10/07/2015 How to Change Public network to Home or Private in Windows 10 or 8 Published on Jul 10, 2015 . Super Simple How to Tutorial Videos in Technology. The ... More

how to cook cassava leaves

For more Cassava Recipes why not check out these Coconut Cassava Bars or Cassava Leaf {Sauce} – African Recipe. Do you have cassava recipes you want to share? Please do so in our comments section! ... More

how to change windows 10 keyboard to american

4/12/2018 · I'm guessing you are using a British keyboard with an American PC system or vice versa. To change back in Windows 10, go to Settings > Time and Language > … ... More

how to build java web application with sending email functionality

2/07/2018 · In your web app, subscribe to push messaging, making sure you have User IS subscribed in your console, then go to the Application panel in DevTools and under the Service Workers tab click on the Push link under your service worker. ... More

how to draw a cartoon skeleton

How To Draw Cartoon Skeletons With Step By Step Drawing Lesson For . Katrin Baumgartner ... More

how to download apps on macbook pro for free

Download apps facebook, download apps bookshelf, download apps, download apps for free, download apps for android, download apps for windows 10, download apps to sd card, download apps from store, download apps for pc, download apps from google play, ... More

how to change your voicemail to default

If your system administrator sets your voicemail password ignoring the rules, the system prompts you to change your password at your first login using the password. To change your voicemail ... More

how to connect turnigy accucell 6 to power

Generic Adapter For Turnigy Accucel 6 Lipo A123 NiMH NiCd Charger Power Supply See more like this Ac adapter for Turnigy Accucel 6 Lipo A123 NiMH NiCd 50w 6a - only Replacement s Brand New ... More

how to clean rusty stove plates

Rusted cast iron stove door You can notice in the image two rusted stove doors, made of cast iron. Although they used to look great, the time, water and air moisture have ... More

how to clean seude seats

19/02/2012 · I want to clean the suede part of my 2 front seats. both seats have lint balls/rolls on the suede part of my seats. I used woolight carpet cleaner on mine made a huge difference. I've heard that you can drag a razor blade over the rolls and shave them off. … ... More

how to create an application project

This article will help you learn how to create a new project. Now that your have created your application, you are ready to create projects. Your projects will be the container for your items. ... More

how to draw a cartoon labrador retriever

Learn how to draw a labrador retriever dog with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Labrador retrievers can be white, but you can add more value throughout the body for further detail. Just add value using quick, short strokes throughout the body to represent fur and the folds of the skin. It's a good idea to use reference when drawing to be as accurate as possible ... More

how to delete history on ipad 3

7Safari for iPhone, iPad, and iPodChrome for Android and 3. Tap "Clear History and Website Data" at the bottom of the page. Sometime, you need to clear history, cache, and cookies from iPad. ... More

how to download your bank statements from online banking anz

Follow the steps below to send us a secure Bank Mail message in ANZ Internet Banking: Log into ANZ Internet Banking Click on... Date Updated: 27/07/2018 Finding tax certificates If your accountant has requested a copy of your tax certificates from the recent financial year, you can now follow the easy steps below to download these for the past seven years directly from ANZ... ... More

how to change twitch to dark mode

When using a computer for a long period of time, eye strain is definitely an issue. When you combine a bright monitor with a dark setting, the problem gets even worse; the harsh contrast can put unnecessary strain on our eyes. ... More

how to clean white leather watch

First of all, when it comes to cleaning the inside of a watch (the movement), you should always take it to a watch maker. For the outside, it isn’t very complicated. Some people like to carry around a microfiber cloth to clean off smudges. Anything that is good for eye glasses should work perfectly to clean oil and debris off your watch. ... More

how to change file date

I wrote a script to rename files. But I found the modified date were changed to same. So the original order is broken if they are sorted by date. Is there any way to change the names without changi... ... More

how to catch a snake book

the best way to catch a snake Download the best way to catch a snake or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click button to get the best way to catch a snake book now. ... More

how to clear up acne on your buttocks

Too much of sebum clogs the pores on your skin, causing acne breakouts at the back of thighs, inner legs and buttocks. 5. Keratosis pilaris. If you have scaly pimples or patches on the upper inner thigh skin, it could also be keratosis pilaris. This is a common skin condition that leaves acne-like zits and bumps or rough patches on the skin. According to Mayo Clinic, keratosis pilaris is ... More

how to delete snapchat best friends

Of course, you can always delete the app and just move on…but then you’ll miss out on the stories your friends are posting! So that’s not fun either. Your best bet is to embrace the changes ... More

how to connect bluetooth keyboard to smart tv

26/06/2017 · Watch video · How To Connect: Use and Pair Any Bluetooth Headset With The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3 Phones. 1:25 2015 new DZ09 bluetooth Smart Watch For Apple/Ios Samsung/android phone support SIM/TF card ... More

how to cut galvanized flashing

Cutting metal with a laser, in this case galvanized steel, is much like arc welding or flame cutting on metal. In most if not all states, this is legal as long as the fumes emitte ... More

how to ask god for help in a relationship

As stilted as it may seem, meeting with your spouse or partner on a regular basis and knowing the questions to ask in a relationship will help you learn about each other. And it will protect your relationship from altercations and even better, it will create a new level of closeness between you. ... More

how to download a embedded video from a website

Have you ever met this situation: when you are viewing a specialized article on the web, and it has an embedded YouTube video the expounds the tutorials of the steps. ... More

how to add ribbon to wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations with ribbon are a popular choice as they give your guests an idea of your colour scheme prior to the day. Adding Ribbon to your Wedding Invites also adds a touch of luxury. All our wedding invitation designs and wedding stationery items are available with ribbon. ... More

how to cook garlic mushrooms

Melt butter in a large frying pan on high. Cook mushrooms for 2-3 minutes, until golden. Remove from pan. ... More

how to add elements to a list in r

append (first_vector, second_vector) You are likely already familiar with using concatenate to add elements to a list. While this does a solid job of adding items to a list in R… ... More

how to create a business logo on microsoft word

23/05/2018 How to modify a Microsoft Word template You can change the colors, font, photos, logo, and anything else on this template. If you have not selected ... More

how to delete gtav prelaucher

Do you start GTA in your steam library? Or do you use a .exe somewhere on your pc to start it? All threads i could find could only solve this issue by reinstalling windows ... More

how to radically change your life

Some people have commented around the web lately that most of the lifestyle design resources out there tend to focus on the younger crowd. I would agree, … ... More

how to add wav to garageband

FX is a recent GarageBand feature that lets you add live DJ-style effects as your track plays. I has all kinds of fun gimmicks — stutter FX, faux record-scratching, and a filter to make it sound ... More

how to draw anime in photoshop

Software-Adobe Photoshop (elements, CS3,4,5, Extended) or GIMP Hardware-Camera-Decent computer Other-About 2 hours minimum-Several Manga/Anime pics for reference. search Google-Photoshop experience-A victim...Ah, I mean, a model! yeah! ... More

how to add color to tumblr posts

How can i change background color of news feed to black and... Related Help Center FAQs; How can I view and adjust my News Feed preferences? How can I control what I see in News Feed? How do I add a background to my post? How do I view posts on my News Feed in most recent order? How can I like, comment on or share a News Feed post using a... How do I choose a date for my Page post to stop ... More

how to call myanmar from australia

Are you looking for the best and cheap phone cards to Myanmar from Australia. Then look no further! At we offer many pre paid international cards with great rates that you can buy online and get instant pin via email and on screen. ... More

how to add tap gesture to skshapenode objective0c

A popular gesture allows you to double tap the Status Bar to put the device to sleep. Some custom ROMs include an option for this but we’re able to add it to any device that supports Xposed Framework thanks to the GravityBox module. ... More

how to open a verbatim usb flash drive

Select a recovery scenario to start Verbatim Store Recovery To retrieve lost data from your Verbatim Store storage device, you can select the "External Devices" option to start. Step 2. Scan Your Verbatim Store for Lost Files You just need to select the hard drive for your Verbatim Store storage device and then click “Start” to scan it. Note: If the quick scan can't find your lost data ... More

how to clean old wicker basket

I have often wondered idly how to upcycle a wicker basket. There are a few lying around our house. A First of all we gave the basket a good clean with soapy water and dismantled the broken old handles. We ended recycling these into something else which I will show you another day . Next we took the basket outsidelaid it on an old sheet put on our little masks and got spray painting. We ... More

how to clean annie sloan wax brush

You can also mix dark wax and clear wax together for a lighter colour, or thin the dark wax with a small amount of low-odour white spirit for a thinner application. Problems Using Other Products Applying Annie Sloan Lacquer over a dark Chalk Paint colour has left a milky coloration. ... More

how to change location on samsung galaxy s6

Google Location History™ stores and uses your device’s most recent location data. Google apps, such as Google Maps, can use this data to improve your search … ... More

how to connect macbook air to tv with usb

15/08/2010 · Can I connect my Apple TV directly to my iMac via USB to transfer or doanload my movies or TV shows to it? More Less iMac 24, Mac OS X (10.6.4), MacBook Air, Time Capsule 2TB, 160GB Apple TV, and iPhone 4 ... More

how to delete apps from purchased list 2017

Configurator 2 when distributing purchased apps. Control the entire distribution process from start to finish, while retaining full ownership of apps. And when apps are no longer needed by a device or a user, they can be revoked and reassigned to different devices or users within your organization. But once books are distributed, they remain the property of the recipient and cannot be revoked ... More

how to download tv shows free online

Download free TV shows and TV series on TVseriesPage! Hi! We know, that every TV fan is looking for an opportunity and source of free TV shows downloads. Because to watch favourite shows online on TV is not always convenient. First, broadcast time is not always suitable for the viewer. In addition, sometimes you want to watch the show again, which is no longer on the air (watching offline ... More

how to cook potatoes in slow cooker

Did you know that you can cook Jacket Potatoes in your crock pot or slow cooker? This has been a midweek meal game changer for me and a fab family friendly meal. ... More

how to create collage template in photoshop

Make Photo Collage Using Photoshop – Technig 7. Now do the same process press ( Ctrl+J ) to make a copy for each polygon then Right Click on each copy of the polygon layers a large menu will pop upconvert all the copy of the polygons to Smart Object layer as bellow. ... More

how to download netflix movies on mac laptop

How to Download Netflix Movies and TV Shows in PC and Mac: For windows 10 PC users, Netflix has an app. But, Downloading feature is not available here yet. So what? Mac and PC users can easily save netflix movies, tv shows to watch offline later. But, It is not any normal way. You know that there are plenty of screen recorder programs available for PC and Mac. You can use them to record any ... More

how to cook chicken mignon new world

Delicious filet mignon stuffed with succulent crab, wrapped in bacon and topped with whiskey-peppercorn sauce. Time consuming, but just as good, if not better than any high-end restaurant recipe. Time consuming, but just as good, if not better than any high-end restaurant recipe. ... More

how to add a signature block in outlook 365

Email Signature enables users to create & add signature for mails sent by them through CRM. An e-mail signature is a block of text appended to the end of an e-mail message often containing the sender's name, address, phone number, disclaimer or other contact information. ... More

how to build a fire pit rotisserie

This DIY rotisserie pit is a dry-fit project which makes it easy to build. Yes, that means no mortar. :) Yes, that means no mortar. And with that said, it is also a low-maintenance outdoor cooker. ... More

how to connect two computers on one land line

The answer to this questiotn is With the right monitor. You need a monitor, or some software, running in tandem on both computers separately, that can combine two different display signals into one ... More

how to download from swf

26/10/2009 · 3.Do Ctrl+f in the new tab and search for .swf to locate the link containing swf file you want to download. 4.Right click on the link and select "save link … ... More

how to draw filigree tutorial

17/04/2018 · A step by step process for learning to draw scrollwork. Examples of origins and a collection of terms and basic shapes used in scrollwork/woodwork. ... More

how to become a physiotherapist uk

Career path and progression. With experience you could become self-employed and set up your own practice. In the NHS, you could progress to senior physiotherapist or move into ... More

how to add flower on hair

Flower experts Interflora know there is so much more to wedding flowers than just the bridal bouquet. They share with us their step by step guide to making your own floral hair comb to add a romantic rustic twist to your wedding hairstyle, which is a great alternative to a flower crown. ... More

how to change australian constitution

I repeat, it seems bizarre to me that proponents of change here in Australia would want to hold up New Zealand as a model for us to emulate. So, yes, we can all keep an open mind on this issue until we see the proposed wording of any mooted change to our Constitution. ... More

how to cook a fully cooked ham with glaze

For this recipe, use a generous tablespoon of bourbon and omit the red wine vinegar. I used this recipe for sliced baked ham (fully cooked hickory smoked pit ham) that I … ... More

how to build a log rack

Sand the wood putty to make it even and then stain and/or seal the wood as desired. (Image 1) Allow to dry completely before proceeding. Tip: if your log rack ... More

how to build a gun in minecraft xbox 360

27/06/2018 · How to Revolt Against a Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Server. First of all, you must prepare yourself for PVP combat against your enemy. Go to the "Help & Options" button on your menu and then go to the "Settings" menu. From there, turn off... ... More

how to cancel family sharing 2017

The creator of the Family Library must also tap Share All Books and activate the feature to share their entire library; if not, you can choose to share individual books from your Manage Your Content and Devices page on Amazons web site. ... More

how to develop medium abilities

A natural born medium and latent medium one who develops their abilities later in life. Being a natural born medium means that your abilities presented themselves from childhood. A latent medium has the abilities but, they do not present themselves until later in life. ... More

how to add extension files to photoshop

15/06/2017 · Re: Using jsxbin files in a Photoshop extension matias.kiviniemi Aug 1, 2016 10:38 AM ( in response to DBarranca ) Had a second look and looks like the … ... More

how to add kogan products api to website

As soon as the data is available in via Mixpanel API, Alooma will stream & load it to Redshift immediately. Combined with other data sources, Alooma’s real-time stream means that your business decisions will be based on real-time data. ... More

dutch carrots how to cook

Add the carrots and cook, stirring frequently, until they blister and turn golden brown in spots, 1 to 2 minutes. Add the maple syrup, salt, and pepper and toss well to coat the carrots. Remove from the heat. ... More

how to develop a trading plan

"Market Minutes" are short and powerful 30-minute webinars, in which expert traders provide practical tips that you can use in your trading right away. ... More

how to cook a ramen

This stunning beef ramen recipe is the ultimate winter warmer dish. Served with a poached egg on top for extra protein this dish is also great for entertaining. ... More

how to change gmail password in mobile if forgotten

Watch video · How to change your Gmail password on mobile devices . To change Gmail password in your phone, open your browser and type “ ”. Press enter and you will prompted to sign in ... More

how to test drive a used car

Buying a car is an exciting prospect, but there are a lot of steps to follow, and to protect your wallet, you dont want to take shortcuts on any of them. One of the most important is the test drive, and whether youre buying a certified used car, a vehicle from an independent used car dealer ... More

how to connect htc phone to printer canon pixma

24/11/2015 · Effortlessly set up your Canon PIXMA MG3520 printer to print on a wireless network from an Android™ device. Visit the Canon website for more How-To Video tutorials. ... More

how to add address to check email

Email address verification technology from Email Hippo that connects to mailboxes and checks whether an email address exists. ... More

how to download oxford advanced learner dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, 9th edition . 100 SAMPLE ENTRIES ONLY. This free download gives you 100 sample entries from the new OALD 9th edition. ... More

how to draw simba grown up

This is a PRINT of my original pen and ink drawing of a mama and baby elephant. I love doing art that represents relationships, and this one evokes the protective love of a mother for her baby. ... More

how to delete my hive account

You can change your phone number and email address in the 'My account' section of the Hive app, found under 'Account'. ... More

how to connect voip phone to ethernet port

VoIP Whole House Correct Polarity: After disconnecting the local phone company from the house, you can connect your VoIP device to the whole house by plugging it into any phone jack in the house. But if you do so, you will be reversing the normal phone polarity. With all modern phone devices, this should make no difference at all. Just be aware that in this configuration (VoIP to wall jack ... More

how to change normal template in word 2010

A minor technical change was made in Word 2007 in line with the new file types and the Normal Template is now a Macro-Enabled Template. There are some behavioural changes that follow from the validation of the file extensions, but Word 2007’s Normal Template is still a Template like any other, except that, when saved by Word, it is saved as a Macro-Enabled Template, with a ".dotm" … ... More

how to clean cloudy pool water

nylanoor November 21, 2017 February 23, 2018 Leave a comment on How To Reduce The State of The Cloudy Pool Water It is a disappointing issue for swimming pool owners to solve when you have the cloudy pool water, especially when you cleaned it last day or last week. ... More

how to develop the four dimensions of golemans model

... More

how to draw a circle on a screen shot

21/09/2011 · I too have recently been frustrated with having to "create snip, open Paint, and CTRL-V" to simply draw a quick circle around something in my screenshot to paste it into a document. ... More

how to clean merrell waterproof shoes

7/11/2014 How to Clean Merrell Senise Women's Sandals. 11:41 PM No comments. Merrell shoes are popular among outdoor enthusiasts. They are known for their durability and quality. Merrell also makes a line of women's sandals called Senise. These sandals offer the versatility of a sandal with the performance of a Merrell shoe. As a result, Merrell Senise sandals can get quite dirty. Cleaning these shoes ... More

how to cook bacon & eggs on a weber

30/01/2011 Since I made bacon and eggs on the Q this morning, instead of replacing the griddle with the regular grate, I decided to just cook this burger on the griddle. I mean, why waste that bacon fat? ?? I heated up the grill and placed the burger on it once the temperature reached 500 degrees. Now, what kind of hamburger would it be, without the ham? ?? Time to add the cheese: And, finally ... More

how to cook chicken fried steak on the stove

This is an easy version of chicken-fried steak, a typical Southern dish consisting of pan-fried breaded steak cutlets, often smothered with gravy. Cube steak is the cut of meat most commonly used in country-fried steak. Either top round or top sirloin, ... More

how to download netflix videos straight to your hdd

Many of your favorite streaming series and movies are already available for download, with more on the way, so there is plenty of content available for those times when you are offline. For example, Orange is The New Black , Narcos and The Crown are available for download today. ... More

how to connect sony a5000 to smartphone

To see how the quality of the Sony A5000 measures-up in practice, take a look at my Sony A5000 quality and Sony A5000 noise results pages, browse my Sony A5000 sample images, or skip to the chase and head straight for my verdict. ... More

how to build a obstacle course wall

For a more athletic obstacle course, plan a wall that participants must get up and over. Throw long, thick ropes over the wall so both ends dangle within arms' reach of the ground. Tie thick knots in the rope about 3 feet apart to give teenagers something to hold onto. Participants must approach the wall from one side, climb up the rope, over the wall, and down the other side. To make sure the ... More

how to delete instagram account online

Instagram make it easy to temporarily suspend your account but deleting it thats buried away to the point where you expect to find a large X over it with Blackbeard in pursuit of its mystical location. So how do you delete an Instagram account? ... More

how to change my name on facebook in stylish font

In this video you can see '' How to change facebook name in stylish font in simple and easy way ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ???????? ????? ??? ???? ????? ?? ????? ??? ??? ??????? ???? (Link);- ... More

how to create an external stylesheet in notepad

Without external style sheets, web design would be a nightmare especially for sites that have millions of pages. Because when you needed to make a change in a style, you would have to edit all the pages. External style sheets let you control the style of the whole site by one single file. ... More

how to cook a 9 pound beef tenderloin

Cuts range anywhere from $5/lb to $9 or $10/lb. At any cost, it's well worth the money, especially if you find it on discount, and relatively easy to prepare. Beef tenderloin is a great main dish for Christmas dinner or family gatherings; a whole tenderloin will feed about 10 people. ... More

how to call pennsylvania from uk

A Pennsylvania college football coach with more wins than any other active coach in the NCAA announced his retirement by calling a timeout in the final seconds of his team's game in … ... More

how to delete songs off iphone on itunes

I have tried deleting then off my iTunes on my computer. And unchecking the songs I don't want and whenever I sync it nothing changes. I make playlists and it syncs fine I just can't delete songs ... More

how to achieve male anal orgasm

The easiest way to stimulate the male G-spot is to press gently on the skin between his balls and anus, known as the perineum (or, more commonly, the taint). You can do this by yourself when ... More

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how to cook pasta for baby

Cook pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water, stirring occasionally, until al dente; drain and transfer to a large bowl. Meanwhile, heat oil in a 12" skillet or wide heavy …

how to become a gymnast on roblox

ROBLOX ROLEPLAY - Today I am trying out for gymnastics in Roblox so I can become a gymnastics superstar! I invited my boy friend to join our gymnastics team

how to create xfa forms

Acrobat Family of Products Digital Signatures in XFA Documents Signature Types 5 Note: LiveCycle Designer allows authors to create forms where only the data is signed and nothing

how to buy a taxi medallion

Medallion owner or agent with more than one Medallion can transfer a Medallion from vehicle to vehicle as long as he/she follows all requirements. To see a list of

how to change video format on obs

OBS Studio is capable of using the x264 free software library, Intel Quick Sync Video, Nvidia NVENCand the AMD Video Coding Engine to encode video streams into the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format and the H.265/HEVCformat

how to get call records of any number

Most records start from the late 1990s but the Victorian Law Reports covering the Supreme Court begin with 1874 and run to the present under a number of different names. A search engine for each/all of these resources is available.

You can find us here:

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